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appoftheday.downloadastro.com, one of the leading top software sites had asked me for an interview. Read it here.

PlanMyDay – Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

yakidoo.de, a german website, which tests games and apps and covers technical themes, says:

Wer bisher planlos durch sein Leben stolziert ist und hier und da was vergisst sollte sich unbedingt PlanMyDay einmal genauer anschauen. Die App bringt ordnung in deinen Alltag und hilft dir dich selbst besser zu organisieren.

Esor Huang, a Taiwanese blogger, as I understand made a detailed review of PlanMyDay here.

Overall, “PlanMyDay” much like a to-do list, but more time managing special features, perhaps this just fit your needs? Recommend a friend in need try. (Translated by google translator, because I can’t read chinese languange)

On appszoom.com, the reviewer wrote:

A new and useful calendar app

We were told that smartphones would help us to make our lives easier, and apps like Planmyday actually do so. Besides the usual features this kind of calendar apps have for given, this app lists the tasks as if they were a music playlist, so you can drag, pause or cancel them. You can also add tasks by writing what we could call a “command line”, thus making it all faster than other calendars in where you have to fill a form.

User interface is clean and smooth, though more customization options would have been welcomed. On the other hand, it seamlessly syncs with your actual Google Calendar, and priority options are great.

Over all, it’s a useful calendar, perhaps a little bit trickier than others, but much faster once you get the hang of it.