List of tasks

The main screen of PlanMyDay is for the planning of your daily activities.


Generally there are four ways to get tasks and calendar entries in:

  1. Enter manually (Tasks)
  2. Import from Toodledo (Tasls)
  3. Import from Google Tasks (Tasks)
  4. Import from your Calendar (Appointments)

When all tasks and appointments are imported, you can start to plan your day. Simply drag and drop the activities and watch the begin-times get recalculated.

Or use the cool ‘Schedule’-function, which tries to sort your tasks, depending on their estimated priority.

In this way you get an easy overview, how long all your activities will take.

Then the work can go on!

Simply check a task in, when you start working on it, or check out or finish it, when you are done with it. At the Bottom, you will always see your progress as a motivation.